Kerala Watersports & Sailing Organization [K W S O] is registered under the Kerala Charitable Societies Act and is affiliated to the Yachting Association of India [YAI], the apex authority for Yachting in India..

KWSO has since its creation about six years ago, been a credible and effective institution in the conduct of sailing activities for children from 7 years to any age limit without any gender differentiation

More than 50 Training Sessions are been organized since the commencement of this organization in July, 2009.And finally, we have the privilege to be the First YAI Accredited Training Centre in Kerala and the Tenth in India as a whole. About 700 students were trained who could do the best in sailing with the available resources we have in Kerala. Over 50 students from different districts of Kerala got the opportunity to participate in the National and International Sailing Championships been held all over India

The dream of Kerala Water sports & Sailing Organization [K W S O] is to win the National & International Sailing Championships, and to send participants for the Olympics as there are 39 Medals for yachting. Kerala is considered as one of the best places in India for sailing. Since Kerala is having water logged area in plenty all among the coastal lines, we can have intense yachting activity both for sports as well as leisure. One can get trained in yachting irrespective of his or her age or gender. The only requirement is the right spirit and a yearning for adventurous sports. This Sports Development Plan [S D P] sets out the proposed sailing development program that Kerala Watersports & Sailing Organization [K W S O] believe will deliver the Y A I Plan and their own vision for the future growth of the organization.

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